Commercial Services

True Pet Lovers

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Animal Waste Service

Waste Removal

  • Complete removal of all animal waste.

Station Maintenance

  • Individual waste bag refilling.
  • Changing out individual waste bag receptacles.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the stations.

Pet Waste Station Installation

  • Expert location determination.
  • Assemble and installation.
  • Purchaser and leasing options.

Groundskeeping Service

Complete Garbage Pick-Up & Change Out

  • Pick up cigarette butts and trash around your parking lot and property.
  • Change out of community trash cans.

Dumpster Area Clean-Up

  • Clean up and removal of missed garbage.
  • Sweep up and tidy appearance of areas.

Many Other Customizable Services

Estimates and quotes for other services are upon request.

Happy Customers!

As the manager of a large, pet friendly apartment community, keeping things neat and tidy can be a challenge. We asked MONTANA POOPER SCOOPERS for help & they’ve been amazing. Tim camp up with a perfect plan for our property and went to work. Tim & his team are very hard workers and keep our property looking great. They’re fast, reliable and go out of thier way to help us wit hour spefific needs. Not only do they clean up dog waster, they help with other needed groundskeeping services around the property. They provide excellent customer service and are a joy to work with. I highly recommend using Montana Pooper Scoopers!
Chantelle E., Mullan/Reserve Apartments

Happy Customers!

When Tim started this business venture in 2006, I believed I was on of his first customers for commercial services. We have continued to work together since then & would never hesitate to recommend MONTANA POOPER SCOOPERS to anyone that owns a pet or large complex! They are reliable, easy two work with & cost friendly. Hands down the best around!
Sabrina M., MT Properties

Happy Customers!

Plum Property Management has used Montana Pooper Scoopers for several years to manage the pet waste at our properties.  There is none better than Montana Pooper Scoopers.  Our staff, our investors, and our renters appreciate the pet waste control that Montana Pooper Scoopers provides.  Rates for services are very affordable.  If you are a homeowner, landlord, or renter we encourage you to reach out to Montana Pooper Scoopers for your pet waste clean-up!’
Jennifer, Plum Property Management

Call or text today for an estimate!

Call or text today for an estimate!